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This is the website of YouTuber windowsxprules1.

Personal : The creator of this website is Sean Crain, the guy behind windowsxprules1 on YouTube. I am currently only eleven years old, but as smart as I am with computers, with a little help from a For Dummies book I created this page in Microsoft FrontPage. Email me at I will not reveal my address or school, because I wish to keep them secret from predators on the Internet. I also will say that my favorite browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0.
YouTube videos : Sean is the creator of several videos, mostly music, wallpapers, and tutorials.
Website Troubles : I don't even know if a search engine or browser will be able to find my website, because it is brand new.

Politicial Status : My family is Democratic, so I am inclined to say I am a democrat.
Religious Status : My family has no strict religion, but I think logically, so I consider myself an atheist.

Links to videos:

These are the videos I have made in the past.

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