Over the years, Nosiphus' members, notably Sean Crain and Wyatt Mote, have come up with multiple ideas. Here is a listing of those ideas.

Project Name - Inventor - Purpose - Rough or Exact Date of Creation

Blue Cove - Sean Crain - Telecommunications - August 24, 2008
Nosiphus itself started as a simple concept. Blue Cove came into existence as Blue Cove Wireless after I viewed a commercial advertising the merger between Verizon Wireless and Alltel Wireless. Red Phones Wired was set up as a competitor, but it was bought out by Blue Cove. The Blue Cove name was everpresent in my mind, and whenever December 2012 rolled around, it became something larger than I ever would've expected it to become.

HandPaw - Sean Crain - Grocery - 2010
HandPaw was created in 2010 as a fictional grocer. The logo featured a human hand high-fiving a cat's paw. This grocer was merged with Blue Cove Wireless to create Blue Cove Corporation.

Sean Country - Sean Crain - Nation-State - 2010

In 2010, Sean divided up his house into states. Each state had a capital, and Sean was notorious for sending fake house payment bills from Wells Catgo to his father, who, since his seat was the couch, had a residence of 107 S. Cable Dr. in Couch City, in the state of Searcy. Sean Country's capital cities and state names were as follows: Sean City, District of Crain; Samanthaville, Salty; Cleveland, New Moore; Lafayette, Searcy; Meowis, Pleasure; and Los Dogiles, Baltimore. Samantha was the name of the first cat I ever owned, and Meowis was the bathroom where the cat's supplies were kept. The country had a national flag, and Sean's grandparents' house was even classified as an Overseas territory. The treasury consisted of cut-up paper, which led to a depleting construction paper supply.

Pink Beach - Sean Crain - Everything - 2011
Pink Beach was set up as Blue Cove's competition on the western side of Sean Country. When the house was rearranged by Sean's parents, Sean's room moved from the northwestern side of the house to the southeastern, meaning Los Dogiles and Sean City swapped places in Sean Country. In Sean's mind, Blue Cove set up operations on the east coast in Sean City, while Pink Beach was based in New Game City, Salty on the west coast. The kitchen table, serving as New Game City, also had a city called Table, Salty, which sat on the northeastern side of the table. Eventually, Sean merged the two companies, and the brand name was reused for the romantic interest section during 2013.

Sean Country Telephone - Sean Crain - Telecommunications - 2011
SCT was the telecom company established in 2011 to service Sean Country. Blue Cove eventually ended up owning it, as originally, Sean created multiple different fictional corporations. They all merged as Blue Cove subsidiaries by 2012. SCT had two divisions: SCT Internet and SCT Wireless. SCT was based on the pre-2005 AT&T Corporation.

SeanNet - Sean Crain - Gaming Consoles - 2011
Sean's tendencies towards Asperger's Syndrome led to a cycle of phases. Windows XP was a phase. Immediately before the XP phase, however, there was a Mario phase, and Nintendo was Sean's focal point. During the Nintendo phase, Sean accumulated all of the Mario plush toys he owns, the very ones that were used to create Super Mario Plush and MBC Mushroom News with Mario. Sean replicated the NES, creating the SeanNet Entertainment System. He even once placed his Nintendo Wii into a cardboard box and called it the SeanNet Entertainment System, however, the Wii did not want to boot due to lack of airflow in the box, even with holes cut out, so that was scrapped. Many other things came about because of SeanNet. SeanNet had an alternative name, Crogan, used when Sean and his longtime friend Marcus Hogan worked together on it.

Saturn - Sean Crain - Operating System - November 21, 2011
The Saturn operating system was conceptualized by Sean in late 2011 when Sean's interest in Windows XP was new and growing. Sean came up with Saturn 1: Mercury Version in late 2011, as well as future versions, incrementing the version number and corresponding planet. On January 25, 2012, Sean did decide to go with Saturn 2: Venus Version, but instead of 3: Earth, Sean changed the next few product names to Saturn Sydney, Sydney being the name of the cat he had at the time, Saturn 2012, the current year at the time, Saturn TWDLLP, which stood for the names of the Teletubbies (Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po). Saturn SV, or Special Version, was next, followed by Saturn 77, Saturn 8, and Saturn 99. Saturn XP was version 10. After the December 2, 2012 webpage design led to people joining it, Wyatt Mote took Saturn XP, and created three new versions: Saturn XP 500, Saturn XP Professional, and Saturn 2013.

Sean Crain's Professional - Sean Crain - Office Suite - January 25, 2012
Sean created Professional as an office suite for Saturn starting with Saturn 2. Professional 1, 2, Sydney, 2012, TWDLLP, SV, 77, 8, 99, and XP were conceptualized. In the openSUSE version of Saturn that was created, Professional was not mentioned as it was replaced with OpenOffice.

World Wide Web Explorer - Sean Crain - Web Browser - January 25, 2012
Microsoft had bundled Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6. Sean decided to call the original browser of Saturn World Wide Web Explorer. It had versions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8, 9, and 10. However, the browser's name did not stick for long, and it was trashed eventually.

Voyager - Sean Crain - Web Browser - January 2013
When Saturn 2013 was being conceptualized, World Wide Web Explorer was the one product that had an obvious connection to a Microsoft product. WWWE was renamed to Nosiphus Voyager. Voyager, unlike Web Explorer, was actually written. The program Sean created in early 2013 will be available to download on the Nosiphus Archives Download Page. The concept Voyager had an interface similar to IE6, with an added toolbar for tabs. The program is not done well, and does not function properly. Nosiphus has moved away from big coding projects since early 2013, but it is possible there will be a resurgence of it in the future.

Mercury Messenger - Sean Crain - Instant messaging client - January 2013
Saturn 2013 would have included an embedded messaging client called Mercury, owing to the planet being the quickest to orbit the Sun. In hindsight, if it did exist, people would've said it was called Mercury because it takes 88 days to get your message.

Nosiphus Laboratories - Wyatt Mote - Scientific Research Facility - January 2013
Wyatt's first priority upon joining Nosiphus was to bring science into the company. Inspired by YogLabs, Wyatt created a laboratory, although the name NosLabs didn't exist until May 2013. Sean built the first NosLabs on the fifth floor of the original HQ. In July 2013, when the first server started with a new world, Sean, Wyatt, and Maguire built the Fifth NosLabs underground, and that lab is featured, albeit briefly, in Nosiphus Original Video Part Two.

Nosiphus Security Agency - Matthew Amburgey - Security - February 2013
During early 2013, problems with Roman Maciel lead to what was, at the time, viewed as attempted theft of intellectual property. Matthew recommended the establishment of a security agency within Nosiphus to protect our core assets. The agency was renamed to the Nosiphus Defense Agency, and the NDA was quite effective. Within a few days, Sean replaced his backpack with a briefcase that had a combination lock. Multiple times during early 2013, the website moved address to keep Roman away from the site logos and planning. The NDA continues to exist today on the server as the Diamond Dogs Defense Unit, led by Maguire Rodgers.

Tiny Mail - Kaycie Merrell - Mail Service - March 13, 2013

On March 13, Sean couldn't figure out where the Nosiphus binder had went, only to look and see that two girls in his class had it and were viewing it. One of them asked to join Nosiphus, and Sean allowed her in. Kaycie took Titan Mail and changed it into Tiny Mail, which did basically the same functions, but had an interface that would've attracted a different audience. While Sean did like Tiny Mail and was planning to replace Titan Mail with it, Kaycie also joined Nosiphus during the middle of a very conflicted time. Roman Maciel was quite problematic for Nosiphus in early 2013, and Wyatt Mote did not like the idea of a friend of Roman's in Nosiphus, so Wyatt removed Kaycie from Nosiphus.

NickJones - Sean Crain - Mail Service - March 29, 2013
While Titan Mail and Kaycie Merrell's Tiny Mail were based on Windows XP-era MSN Hotmail, Microsoft was pushing the then-new Outlook.com as they moved from the Vista/7 era to the 8/8.1/10 era. Nick Jones was a classmate of Sean, Matthew, and Wyatt's, and Sean thought that his name could work as a mail service name. Nick had joined Nosiphus, but Wyatt asked him to leave, albeit for different reasons. Sean asked Nick if he could continue using his name as a possible service, and Nick said he was fine with it.

Nosiphus Union - Sean Crain - Server Network - July 11, 2015
The Nosiphus Union, or NU, is today the name of the country that the server is. Originally, the Nosiphus Union was planned to be a server internetwork that would link different Minecraft servers under common policies and connect them together. The Nosiphus Union existed as the Nosiphus Server Network in 2013-14, but the NSN was completely Nosiphus-based.