<<The Readjustment Period - The Third Golden Age of Nosiphus

In March 2018, I had the realization that we had forgotten what we were supposed to be. Then I remembered: Saturn was the central focus of Nosiphus in the future, and we had just forgotten about it completely.

We had shelved the Saturn project in 2014 when we decided to focus on Minecraft entirely. I decided that this time around, the Saturn project had either two ways to go: a Windows shell extension that would entirely change the way the system operated, or Saturn could be a full-fledged native operating system. I went with the latter.

At the time, I was watching videos of Steve Jobs introduce various Apple products, and that inspired me to a point of where I was churning out idea after idea and design after design. Usually, I would describe in detail what these designs would look like, but I do not want to expose these as they have the potential to become valuable intellectual property in the future.

Telkit was not abandoned during the time period, however, it was put on an update path as well, but the Telkit modpack now sits in position 2 as most important project we're working on.

There is one design being cultivated that doesn't necessarily need to be kept secret. I have been working on a design for a future corporate campus to succeed Nosiphus Studios. This particular headquarters is not a Minecraft building, rather it is a preliminary idea for a plausible future HQ in the future. This campus has both new and old designs incorporated into it.

<<The Readjustment Period - The Third Golden Age of Nosiphus