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When Maguire destroyed the server in The Great Server Destruction, I knew something had happened. Wyatt had rejoined, Nosiphus had an expanded member base, and we were making videos for fun again. I knew that when that video happened, it triggered The Second Golden Age of Nosiphus.

Many new members were brought in, including Jason Faucett, Jackson James, John Dent, and Zack Carter. Weston Simpson was invited back, and the suspension system was removed. Wyatt and I also brought in long-needed reforms to the company, including a reorganization of jobs.

Wyatt became Chief Operating Officer, replacing Will Mills, who became a simple content creator. The new Nosiphus began to assign proper titles to members, and a new term, Nosiphites, emerged to refer to staff members. Wyatt kicked out Gummi and Maddie with my support, and we let Nate Foster go, but his return is being contemplated. 

Sydney Cook rose to prominence not only as my main love interest, but also as an adviser to Nosiphus. I decided early on that if I was going to have an interest in her, I could at least use Nosiphus to deflect attention from my emotions. Between February and May, I was continually mired in a state of extreme sadness over her, and Nosiphus was about the only way to block the love depression. On May 9, I allowed her to view the 2013 Nosiphus notebook, and she made some notable improvements to it. Her presence caused the de-privatization of multiple Nosiphus assets, including the unfinished script for Hinkley's Manor. While my interest in her came and went in May and June, it finally evaporated on June 27. 

After July 11, my playtime on the server seriously declined. I began to grow bored of Minecraft, and gaming in general. I thought I would return, but I didn't. On August 10, I began to watch old footage of myself from the early 2000s, and it became apparent that I would not see Minecraft in the same way again.

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