<< The Second Golden Age of Nosiphus - The Sean Crain Readjustment Period

On August 10, I began to view old footage of myself as a child, and I slowly began to realize how happy I was as a small child. Around the same time, I had noticed my interests regressing: I began to drift back into the world of Windows XP and Super Mario, two phases that were from 2011. I slowly came to realize that what I was doing was not changing my computer-related interests, but in fact, I was starting to reject the 2009 consensus of my lifestyle. Noticing the 2003 consensus that came before it as a significantly happier time, I began planning to undo the problems of the 2009 consensus, and merge them with the 2003 consensus.

When I recovered a toy I had when I was about five years old, I had to hold back tears. The emotional feelings of my past had become that strong. I also took time off from being CEO of Nosiphus, putting Jake, Wyatt, and Maguire in joint-control from August 11 to 20.

When I returned on August 20, I took decisive actions, clearing out Nosiphus of old members who did nothing, began the process of disconnecting Minecraft from the core of Nosiphus, and altered the Editing Code to be less gaming-dependent.

I began to have feelings for a girl named Bethany, who was in an afternoon class I had. In addition to her, I also began to converse with a girl named Sidney (not Sydney), who began to push me to go after Bethany.

<< The Second Golden Age of Nosiphus - The Sean Crain Readjustment Period