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When it became clear that 2016 was going to be a harsh change from the 2015 peacetime, I didn't know that I would lose my most valued friend for months. But I did.

On February 8, 2016, Wyatt announced to me that he would be leaving Nosiphus. He had seen Nate Sawyers do things independently, and decided he'd like to be independent as well.

This sent alarm bells ringing in Nosiphus and sent me into panic mode. Wyatt had been so integral to Nosiphus since January 2013, and my instant response was rather harsh against him, accusing him of attempting to break up Nosiphus. I, however, felt better about it later in the day, and Maguire Rodgers was elevated to second in command during that period. Weston Simpson was brought in as the new Chief Designer, Scientist, and Inventor to replace Wyatt. Eventually, the chaos that occurred simmered down.

2016 also began the process of destroying the 2015 no romantic interest consensus that had kept the year so peaceful for me. My heart, while not wholly, began to focus on a girl named Morgan Bryant, who was an important figure until May 6.

I was able to administer Nosiphus in much the same way without Wyatt, and video output wasn't affected. Telkit with Sean emerged with 13 episodes throughout the summer. I also re-established contact with Gummi, Maddie, and Cherry from 2014. Nosiphus brought in a suspension system to put inactive members on a special list that effectively reduced Nosiphus down to 6 members, and briefly kept Nosiphus at a 50-50 male-female split. These three, however, were constant drama causers, and eventually, as relations with Wyatt improved, their influence was diminished. I severely reformed my treatment of Wyatt in 2016. Before, I had made constant jokes at his expense, but Wyatt didn't initially make many back. After a reformation, when he rejoined, I now insulted him less, and he insulted me more, which was beneficial in both ways.

Wyatt rejoined Nosiphus on September 14, 2016, ending his hiatus, and he was finally granted what he had long deserved: the position of second most powerful member.

Romantically for me, however, things worsened. The 2015 freedom had dwindled under Morgan Bryant, but it was shattered in August 2016 when my heart decided on Sydney Cook, the very girl who had been problematic for Madison during seventh grade. The Sydney condition was kept a standstill for a while, but that would change.

<< The Peaceful Period - The Reformation Era - The Second Golden Age of Nosiphus >>