After July 11, my playtime on the server seriously declined. I began to grow bored of Minecraft, and gaming in general. I thought I would return within a few days as I had before, but I didn't. On August 10, I began to watch old footage of myself from the early 2000s, and it became apparent that I would not see Minecraft in the same way again. I began to slowly reject the way I had run my life since 2009, desiring the way I had done things from 2003 on back. I noticed the key problems had been caused chiefly by the amount of time I spent outside being near-zero. When I recovered a toy I had when I was about five years old, I had to hold back tears from the emotional wave from seeing it.

I decided to take some time off from running Nosiphus, and I put Wyatt, Maguire, and Jake in joint-control as Acting CEOs in the interim. Upon my return on August 20, I was rather decisive, removing a massive section of Nosiphus that didn't do much. I also rewrote major parts of The Openness Plan and The Content Production Plan. I altered the Editing Code, and also began the drastic change of disconnecting Minecraft from the core of Nosiphus. 

Now, this disconnect and change in direction was a slow process, and many times I considered doubling down on the Minecraft path, but in the long run it was not to be.

As the year 2017 came to a close, there was a growing feeling that it was time for Nosiphus to become more political. There was also a growing attachment to the Telkit server, and a renewed occasional conversation with Maddie and Gummi, who had become less dramatized than before. I also began to publish episodes of Castaways that I had put off editing since March 24.

On January 1, 2018, the first livestream test was conducted, and the Nosiphus LIVE name was applied to it. On January 3, a plethora of legacy footage was uploaded, dating back as far as the multiplayer Telkit series Nathan and I filmed in February 2016, right after Wyatt began his independent period. Wyatt, however, was still good friends with us during The Reformation Era, and was involved in (the currently unreleased) episodes 4 through 7 of the original Telkit series. 

We were excited for 2018, ready for the year to take the Telkit server to new heights and new places. But instead, 2018 hit us hard right at the beginning. January was a rough month. My parents and I moved in with my paternal grandparents due to our aging house, and my maternal grandmother passed away on January 18. Nathan Brandon then lost both his paternal grandparents within a week of each other in February. We both had a rough start to the year.

March, however, well, things began to really change. And unlike in most cases, I mean things actually changed. The one thing that cannot be stopped by anything under any circumstances blasted us at the start of March.

The 2013 Nostalgia Wave, amplified by its five year anniversary, came roaring back to prominence and caused Sean to begin the process of fine-tuning the server and website. I began to interact with Brianna Liberati again, and she began to play on the server once more.

The amplification of the 2013 nostalgia wave went beyond what it usually able to do. After years of being cast out into an area of not really knowing what we wanted to do, I suddenly remembered why the server existed at all: Saturn. The whole server was supposed to be just a testing ground for Nosiphus to build possible future headquarters and early preliminary designs of products, secondary to the Saturn operating system and its components. This realization just kicked, and for the first time in a long time, an entirely new feeling has emerged: one of technological prowess and a skill for design.

We remembered what we set out to be: a software company. And that is exactly what we intend to do.