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When Maguire Rodgers created Eskimo Jesus and starred in How Not To Get A Girlfriend, the Internationalist Times were in their waning hours. The vanilla server which had been shut down for a while died after August 2. Isolationist sentiment fueled Wyatt Mote, and finally, Nosiphus was back in its original form, with only Brianna Liberati remaining from the expansion project.

The end of our international coalition turned out to be a good thing, because after the twenty month period of endless drama, the following eighteen months would be a time of peace and progress that hasn't been replicated in Nosiphus since.

I created NosPack for Minecraft 1.7.10 as a replacement for the aging Nosiphus-164 pack that had been in use since April 12, 2014. The new pack finally moved the server to 1.7, and the server began to grow in a new direction. NosPack's move to 1.7 started the first of the Version Wars between 1.6.4 and 1.7.10 that would plague it and its successor Telkit until 2016. NosPack was deleted on Valentine's Day 2015, and 2015 also saw the beginning of Telkit in April.

While 2013 was the most important year in Nosiphus history, 2015 was definitely the most enjoyable. The peacetime of 2015 was created by three factors: one, a relatively drama-less school year, two, a lack of romantic connection plaguing my thought process, and three, renewed relations with friends that allowed for a very funny year. Eighth grade proved to be the funniest year in Nosiphus history.

Madison and I's breakup forced a change of romantic interest on me, and, until the rise of Sydney Cook in August 2016, my mind never did focus on one particular girl. It truly was a change, as it was the first time since before August 2006 that I had no particular female interest.

The lack of conflict allowed a content explosion. 2015 saw the Nosiphus Television System come into effect and a revival of the Blue Cove brand name. Nosiphus Nightly News with Sean Crain began to air in February 2015, and contributed to the explosion of content creation among all Nosiphus members. 2015 saw the following series come into existence: Metro, Doctor Who: The Minecraft Series, Star Wars: The Minecraft Series, Nosiphus Nightly News with Sean Crain, The Good Evening Show with Maguire Rodgers, The Nate Show with Nathan Brandon, Lunatics with Sean Crain, On The Run, and more.

A leftward shift in Nosiphus politics also occurred when I dumped Clinton for Bernie Sanders, making my first true political decision that wasn't in agreement with my Clintonite family.

In late 2015, the first true feelings of 2013 nostalgia emerged, and the Nosiphus Archives came into existence.

When 2016 began, however, the feel-good times ended within two weeks. The deaths of David Bowie and Glenn Frey impacted my feelings, and I knew that the year ahead would be a conflicted one. I was right.

What I didn't see, however, was that for months, I would be overseeing a company without my best friend.

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