On September 16, 2013, I began to talk with Madison McGill, my then-crush. Since the incident of October 17, 2012, I had suspected she liked me, and I had grown to have a crush on her as well. I told her how I felt, and a relationship was established on that day. This began a new consensus in internal Nosiphus affairs, and brought an end to The First Golden Age of Nosiphus.

Our relationship sent the entire school into shock. After all, during the preceding year, bitter factionalism driven by the conflict between Roman and I had emerged, and it was no secret. The relationship drove up interest in me significantly. A girl in my social studies class, Sydney Cook, decided it was her duty to infuriate Madison as much as possible. She pretended to harbor emotion for me, and, as a naive twelve year old, I told Madison everything to keep myself away from trouble. The conflict continued well into 2014, and the two school dances of January and February cemented the problems. I witnessed Madison push Sydney from afar at the first dance. When I held Madison's hand at the second dance, she purposely ensured that Sydney saw it.

This period of time, however, also continued large portions of the progress that emerged during the The First Golden Age of Nosiphus. The Minecraft server continued to expand and I acquired a new computer in February 2014. On March 25, 2014, Wyatt's Second Nosiphus Video was the second of the two Nosiphus videos to date in which I appeared in the video instead of filming it.

However, as a seventh grader, one thing I never expressed properly was the fact that I was still a bit worried about talking to Madison personally. In hindsight, while I learned a lot from the relationship, I was still too naive at the time to have been in one. We broke up on April 29, 2014. The school noticed after about five days that the two of us were no longer together, and, eventually, Madison left the public school environment altogether.

The Madison McGill Months ended with a transition period that led into The Internationalist Times. My personal emotions had recovered from the breakup by May 10, and by then, the school year, finally coming to an end, opened a new chapter in Nosiphus history.