After I recovered from the relationship breakup, a new consensus once again emerged. 2014 had so far been a vast improvement over the first semester of seventh grade during 2013. Third Period became the much enjoyable Keyboarding. Fourth Period became P.E., which although tedious at first, I grew to like. May 2014 was a significantly less stressful time than the rest of seventh grade. May 2014 was not a continuation of The First Golden Age of Nosiphus, but it was certainly a better time than the seven months that preceded it.

In May 2014, with a diminishing workload and a removed relationship, I established strong, peaceful relations with Jake Brannon, who would go on to be a very close friend and Chief Financial Officer. When the school year ended on June 3, what I viewed as my repayment for my early dismissal the previous year, Summer 2014 established an international holding for Nosiphus.

During that summer, a vanilla Minecraft server launched that had players from across the globe, with multiple different nations. Among those nations were the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the Phillipines, and France. We grew exponentially throughout the summer, and for the first time, Nosiphus had a foothold in a completely different part of the world.

Razer Comms was adopted as our primary communications platform to replace Skype.

At the end of July, however, the international coalition we had put together was proving to hold problems. Internal factions had emerged within the international community we held. Wyatt, who had been in favor of keeping the Nosiphus server private in the first place, began to push for the shutdown of the vanilla server. Eventually, it had become highly unmanageable, and was shut down in late July.

The Internationalist Times were drama-filled, like the two eras before it. But the one that it was about to lead into was anything but.