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Ahh, the First Golden Age of Nosiphus. Soft rock and light-speed progress dominated the early times, and this age is respected as the single most important block of time in the history of the company.

On December 2, 2012, I was experimenting with Microsoft Office XP, and I discovered FrontPage 2002. Using a copy of HTML4 for Dummies, I created a site, but little did I know what that site would bring into existence.

The next day, I told a friend of mine, Ethan Million, about the site, and he immediately said that he'd help. For the first time, someone other than me was aware of Blue Cove.

But I also made one crucial misstep in the early days. I asked Roman Maciel, a classmate, what he thought of the site, and he joined in. This decision of mine would lead to six consecutive months of chaos.

Matthew Amburgey also joined in on December 14, 2012. Matthew played a pivotal role in the setup of Blue Cove as an entity, and would become the leader of the Nosiphus Defense Agency, a sort of measure against Roman's threats of intellectual property theft.

I made, however, possibly the best decision I ever made in my lifetime on January 8, 2013. I invited Wyatt Mote into Nosiphus. He joined, and he immediately began to help. Like me, he brought countless innovative ideas to the company. The two of us, when together, became creative output machines.

The Roman conflict, however, began to escalate. The first Blue Cove website moved address after Roman planned to launch a site of his own using Blue Cove logos, assets, designs, and fonts. He stated to me after I offered to gift him several possible names, he only wanted either Blue Cove or Nosiphus, whichever was in use at the time he wanted control of the brands.

In late January 2013, I began to play Minecraft for the first time. I created a volcano which I titled Mt. Nosiphus. I really liked the word Nosiphus, and the word began to appear in black text on the bottom right of Blue Cove notebooks. Wyatt liked the name, and I changed the operating name of the organization from Blue Cove Group to Nosiphus Brands Inc. Blue Cove continued to be our name, and we officially called ourselves Blue Cove Nosiphus. During a school lockdown drill on February 6, 2013, I finally rebranded all of Blue Cove into Nosiphus, and when I got home that day, I completed the rebrand process. Nosiphus picked up Maguire Rodgers and Letah Joe Eversole after the rebrand. Maguire became a content producer and Letah became the secretary.

Conflict continued. Roman's allies became more and more of a threat, and eventually, they decided to start a rumor that I had made bomb threats against the school. I never once said I would bomb the school. This caused my school year to end one week early, on May 15 instead of May 23.

That summer, extended by a week for me, was a massively progressive summer. I introduced the Minecraft server on June 24, and Wyatt and I joined together to begin construction of a new HQ. I got off the server early in the morning of June 25.

That stomachache turned out to be appendicitis. I spent the days June 26, 27, and 28 in the hospital. I left on June 28, and Wyatt and I resumed construction. We filmed Nosiphus Original Video Part One on July 5, Nosiphus Original Video Part Two on July 11, and Nosiphus Mansion Video on July 24. The summer saw the first time that Wyatt and I had worked together on YouTube, and we continue to collaborate today.

Nosiphus had its first flirtations with external expansion and internationalism in July 2013, when Wyatt's cousin Kolby, who lived in Texas, began to play on the server. In August 2013, the path to a massive expansion was laid out when Sheree and Kat joined in. They were from Arkansas as well, but from a different part of it.

The last week of August contained the fifth anniversary, and we had moved into a new world save. This world would be our primary world throughout the coming months, and oversaw a dramatic expansion in the size of Nosiphus.

The First Golden Age of Nosiphus began to wane when seventh grade began. A certain morning class created an extremely uncomfortable environment that involved antiquated ideas that I have long opposed, among them being Victorian etiquette, a concept which I vehemently hate. Nosiphus continued to progress outside that class, however, although most of our assets from that period no longer exist.

The First Golden Age of Nosiphus ended on September 16, 2013, when I began to interact with Madison McGill. Her actions would come to define the next seven months.

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