The Blue Cove Era - The First Golden Age of Nosiphus >>

On August 24, 2008, after witnessing an ad showing the merger of Alltel and Verizon, I created a fictional wireless provider called Blue Cove.

During fifth grade, I met Maguire Rodgers, mainly by the virtue of being a fascist dictator over one particular seat at the table.

2011 saw the creation of Saturn as a concept OS on November 21.

2012 was the most progressive of the pre-Nosiphus years. The windowsxprules1 YouTube channel launched, and it would eventually become the Nosiphus YouTube Channel. After Saturn's conceptualization in November 2011, a further nine versions of Saturn would become planned. Alongside Saturn came Professional, an office suite, as well as World Wide Web Explorer, which would become Nosiphus Voyager in 2013.

My music tastes in 2012 began their diversification. I began to listen to music from the 1940s alongside my existing 1955-86 catalog. The Beatles emerged for the first time, and I also began to enjoy late 1960s protest music. More and more old music became part of my life. I also took a liking to classical music, in particular Mozart's A Little Night Music. Disco also became more prevalent, as I discovered the Bee Gees. I also found soft rock quite enjoyable, Seals and Crofts' Summer Breeze becoming a personal favorite. The 80s did not go unnoticed, as Madonna's Like A Virgin became one of my personal favorites. Another favorite was Because, a Dave Clark Five song from the 60s. Moonlight Feels Right by Starbuck became another favorite.

2012 also brought MBC Mushroom News with Mario into existence. August 27-31, September 11 and 22, and December 26 were the only dates that episodes were recorded on. As far as I know, only the December 26 broadcast continues to exist.

On October 17, 2012, an incident occurred that would define my romantic interests for the next one-and-a-half years. Madison McGill was forced to tell me that she liked me. This incident caused me to have an immediate interest in her, and Madison McGill as my romantic interest became a consensus norm until April 29, 2014.

December 2, 2012 brought me Office XP's FrontPage 2002, and with it, the ability to create a web page. Little did I know what making that page would lead to, but it became much larger than I expected.

The Blue Cove Era - The First Golden Age of Nosiphus >>