If you were to ask Sean, "What is the single most important building in Nosiphus history?", and you asked Wyatt, "What is the single worst-looking building in Nosiphus history?", then you would get the same answer: the original Nosiphus HQ.

Built block by block over the course of about two weeks starting on February 24, 2013, the original Nosiphus HQ was Sean's first attempt to build a headquarters. While it holds a special place in Sean's heart as it was the place he basically spent his earliest Minecraft days, the building is despised by Wyatt, and Sean agrees that the building is horrible from an objective look.

The first floor was based off of the plans in the 2013 Nosiphus notebook. The rest of the building is pure madness. The next two floors rise only on the southwestern corner, and then it merges with Sean's flying house on the fourth floor. Above that, the fifth, sixth, and seventh floors are tiny, followed by another gargantuan flying eighth floor. Above that is the ninth floor, Wyatt's Lab, which was the second NosLabs. Following that is the tenth floor as the conference room, which floats above. They are connected only by an elevator shaft.

There is an original photo of this building available, as seen below.

Monday, June 10, 2013 - 00:29:57 - 12:29:57 AM - Central Daylight Time

However, if you want to see other versions of the world, then you can download them here. The worlds contain random modding data as this world was Sean's primary test world for mods as well. He is considering including with the worlds the mods each backup would've had.