Overshadowed in importance only by the original Nosiphus HQ, the headquarters that began its construction on the day the server first ran is the second most important building ever constructed in Nosiphus history. It was the first building that Sean and Wyatt co-built, it was the first building to have a server spawn up around it, and it was the first building to be featured in a Nosiphus video: Nosiphus Original Video Parts One and Two.

Its construction occurred only due to a misunderstanding of how config files worked at the time. The day the server first ran, Sean already figured out that config files controlled how Minecraft Comes Alive stored its data, but block IDs were a concept that neither he nor Wyatt had run into yet. Because the original world would not load, we instead launched a vanilla 1.5.2 server and began constructing a new building. 

The original building, constructed in white, was later changed to blue, and the building then rose upwards. We did consider installing a bedrock layer around the building and then adding exterior walls, but this idea was scrapped due to the time it would take to install. The idea to have the exterior and interior walls separated was not something that was put into use until Nosiphus Studios was built in July 2017.

The original version that appeared in Nosiphus Original Video Part One had ten stories. This was extended to seventeen by Part Two, but we did not go into the HQ during that video.

The stories were, from top down, as follows. Rooms that appeared in Nosiphus Original Video are in bold.

17. Pool (accessible from roof)
16. Cinema Access Level
15. Cinema
14. Penthouse
13. Storage
12. Computer Core
11. Bistro
10. Boardroom
09. Maguire Rodgers
08. Wyatt Mote
07. Observations Room
06. Lounge
05. Nosiphus Command Post Central
04. Sean Crain
03. Matthew Amburgey
02. Dalton Graham
01. Lobby
00. Ethan Million (basement)

There are no high quality photographs of the original HQ, and that world is long gone except for corrupted chunks recovered from the wiped hard drive of the original PC. However, the building has been replicated 1:1 from careful observation of Nosiphus Original Video Part One, and a photo of that does exist:

Monday, April 10, 2017 - 20:12:55 - 08:12:55 PM - Central Daylight Time